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across california now producing a tornado warning this morning. you can see this vigorous energy pulling into central california and southern california where it's been very rainy. we have been talking about the town of asousa a town budded up against the gabriel mountains. see this one cell in this lap loop right there -- here it comes. here to comes. i promise. there it is. tornado warning with that one. if you are up watching us there right now you need to take cover because potentially having some very dangerous conditions right there. here we will watch this storm pull out towards the east. winter storm warnings across the country right now. snow develop later on today in kansas city and tomorrow. a the love snow. 8 to 12 inches. winter and watches posted as you go farther to the east. a little bit later delayed. we will see that weather get there temperaturewise, get ready for another really cold night tonight. minus 25 in. meteorological. >> talking to my daughter last night. she lives outside of the san francisco bay area. they had a tornado near sacramento. one or two a year. ye
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1